What Will This Month’s Pink Moon Be Bringing Us?

It’s finally the time of year where things are a bloom. I know where I live it is still a bit chilly and very wet (it still could snow honestly) BUT we are just about there. Easter is on its way and that is a sure sign that Spring is upon us. Along with Easter coming this weekend we also have a Full Moon coming as well! This month’s Full Moon is called the Pink Moon and with it comes new beginnings.

Over the past few days, the word Auspicious has come into my awareness quite often. It caught my attention as it’s not a word that I hear too often and it was front and center of my awareness for about a week. As I was pondering the definition of the word and the energy behind it, it started to really make sense to me as it is in perfect alignment with the Seasonal energy at hand and with my personal current energy as well. The definition of Auspicious is “conducive to success; favorable”. If that isn’t exactly what this time of year is about and in correlation with the Pink Moon then I don’t know what is!

The Pink Moon does not actually appear pink to us but rather it received its name from the pink flowers that are in bloom this time of year, the wild ground phlox. This month’s Full Moon is also called the Egg Moon as it is the egg-laying season. No matter what name you call it, it has the same meaning behind it…it’s a time of rebirth and new beginnings.

We all have been setting our intentions through the Winter months and doing all of our self-work that is conducive to the hibernation mode we have been in. Now we are ready to move forward with our goals as this Seasonal energy is guiding us to start tending to the garden that we have planted for ourselves over the past few months. Now is the time where all of the self-work we have been doing brings our growth and evolvement to fruition. This Pink Moon brings this energy for us to work with as well. You will be feeling energized and ready to tackle the world in order to bring your manifestations to light. This is a wonderful time to take action where it comes to all of your goals for the near future. Live in the energy of what it is you are creating and do the work that needs to be done. It all should feel in alignment as the energy of the Season and the Full Moon are guiding you towards your hopes and dreams.

This Pink Moon is energetically charged to create the perfect environment for us to continue with our work, it is a very auspicious (there’s that word again) time for us to start to see the fruits of our labor. Keep looking ahead while keeping the lessons we have learned close to our hearts. We have to remember that everything we have been through is a part of the grand plan where it comes to the life we are creating and moving towards. Keep your vision of what it is you are working towards strong in your mind as the energy of this Full Moon can be emotional but in a way that will help you to keep moving forward. You are being set up right now in the most perfect way so don’t lose steam now! You will be surprised to see what it is you can create when you are aware of where you’re headed and why you are headed that way. So take the time to stop and smell the roses as they are blooming, keep the visions of what you are creating close to your heart, and know that the energy of Springtime and the Pink Moon will help to propel you forward in whatever goal you are moving towards.

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