What we learn in Dreamtime

I have to say that my dreams have been so vivid as of late. I have always had fairly vivid dreams, but it seems that the more I dive into my spiritual work, the more I feel that I am learning in my dream state as well. It can actually make me feel a bit more tired than I should after having a good night’s sleep. There are so many things that go on in our brains on a daily basis that we really depend on our restful state to rejuvenate us. It seems a lot of us are feeling everything a little bit “extra” lately with all of the energy from the moon and eclipses that have been happening. When this happens I personally tend to react not only in my awake time but in my sleep time as well. What is it that we are learning in our dream state, and why is it happening at all? We can learn so much by incorporating dreamwork into our lives and I believe that we all have the ability to do so.

When we are dreaming our brain waves are in the Theta State. This is the state our brains go into while in deep meditation or light sleep. This is also the state that we dream in. Through our dreams we are always learning, always growing, and always evolving as human beings and spiritual beings. Many times our dreams are used for us to subconsciously process things that we are not addressing in our wakened state. It gives us the opportunity to sort things out within us that we may be avoiding during the day, the hard things that basically suck to deal with in our wakened state. We are very complex beings and one way or another our feelings, emotions, and issues will make their way out and present themselves to be dealt with. Our dreams may not be an exact replica of what it is going on in our lives that we have to deal with, but if we take the time to really review our dreams we will see how it all comes together. Keeping a dream journal is a very therapeutic way for us to process all of the information that comes through in our Dreamtime and can be very beneficial where it comes to processing any emotions or issues that we may be dealing with.

There is also the area of our Dreamtime that is used for those of us who are learning how to work with and through our dreams to evolve spiritually. The more awakened, and open you are, the more you will tend to have dreams that will bring forth messages, lessons, and even attunements. Many of us work with our dreams to achieve Lucid Dreaming, or Astral Travel which are great ways to connect with different dimensions of space and time. We also are able to connect with our Angels and Guides during this work which will always bring us comfort and lessons within itself. This is the kind of work that may leave us not feeling as rested as we would assume we should feel as our brains are still working and taking in new information even as we sleep.

Again, the key is to be keeping some sort of a dream journal as this really helps to sort out any new information that we receive during our Dreamtime. I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to document everything that comes through in our dreams no matter how mundane it may seem at the time. Anything that we recall from our dreams as soon as we start to wake up could be important…feelings, colors, symbols, places, people, numbers etc. Record as much as possible! Also, including this into our morning routine will help us to strengthen our dream recall and make it easier for us to process all of the information that we receive.

Dreamtime is also the perfect time for our passed loved ones to come through and visit us. They are able to connect with us in the dream state as we are literally in a different dimension while we sleep. Some of you may have experienced visitation dreams before, and know how it feels different than a normal dream. There is more of a heft to a visitation dream from a passed loved one, and we will not be forgetting those dreams. They stick with us, unlike other dreams that seem to slip away so quickly.

It is very important to understand that our dreams aren’t always just our minds going on a vacation, but are actually used to help give us edifying information that can be important to us in our wakened state. There are so many ways that our brains work that we don’t even understand yet, but leaning into our Dreamtime and learning from it is a great step in the right direction where it comes to understanding ourselves. Use that time wisely.



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