What Is A Witch?

We have all been seeing more and more the term Witch being used in so many facets but What Is A Witch? The term Witch has so many definitions and when it comes down to it they all seem to mean the same thing in the end. A Witch is someone who knows they are a magical and powerful being and is not afraid to tap into that personal power to help guide and divine the life they desire. Why is that scary to some? I don’t know, as we ALL have that ability in us. So let’s take away the stigma that has been created over the Centuries and get down to brass tax here.

First, a Witch can be someone who adheres to the Wiccan religion. You don’t even have to be a person who subscribes to magical workings or rituals to hold this title. Wicca is a religion that has been around for decades but is actually based off of Pagan religions that have been around for millennia. Those who are Wiccan really just hold a belief system that is very close to nature, the elements, and specific Gods and Goddesses. That’s not scary right? Unfortunately hundreds of years ago there were women who suffered persecution due to a lack of understanding of what a Witch was. There were even times where it was thought that if a woman had to take care of herself as a widow, or because she was never married and because of that did not have excessive financial means, then she was labeled a Witch. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

So then we come to Witch’s who are labeled as such because they practice magic. This is where all the fear comes into play. When people can’t seem to touch or feel a specific reality they hold in their mind, then they tend to get scared. Even though ALL religions look to a God whom is not tangible, it seems that the Witch encompasses that fear for many. If you are a man or woman who uses objects, prayer, chants, and your own energy to help guide your path in life then you would be considered a Witch who uses magic. It’s funny to me as every single person does this through all religions, belief systems, and dogma, but when it comes to Witchcraft it is looked upon as “evil” in our modern world. In reality, this “magic” is actually the most naturally innate practice in every living being on this Earth and beyond.

Now we are coming to what I hold as my own personal belief of what the term Witch means. I am in no way trying to persuade anyone to adhere to my philosophy on this subject, but rather am trying to show all of you what a loose term “Witch” is. You can adhere to any religion on this planet and be a Witch. In this sense a Witch is someone who believes in all the possibility and opportunity that is gifted to us every single day. They believe in all energy as it is the basis of what creates and makes us all who we are. They know that within themselves is the power to manifest and divine a life that is in alignment with the greater good. They believe that no one is better than another, and that we can all come together as a collective to support humanity, love, peace, and compassion in this world. They may or may not use magic in the traditional sense. When it comes down to it, we all use magic every single day. Our thoughts, desires, and actions are all magic and we create it daily. That is the take away here…we are all Witches in one way or another. We all have the ability to share this magical life we are living to help create a better world for everyone here in the now, and for our future generations.

So here we are. All of us are magical beings in our own right which means that we are ALL Witches. This is not something to be afraid of, this is not something evil, this is not something that can be stipulated by our social or religious values. If you are a human being and believe that you can create your own reality then embrace the term Witch for what it really is. So What is a witch? Someone who is Magical and Divine in their own right. Own it.

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