The Magic of Synchronicity

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see” -Carl Jung

Carl Jung had it right. All it takes are eyes to see all of the wonders that are around us every single day. It’s really amazing if you think about it. We always hear people talking about signs that they receive, but do you really know what that even means? There are so many reasons and ways that we receive signs and it all comes down to synchronicity. For me, synchronicity shows itself to me in so many different ways…numbers, symbols, songs, words, animals, and the list goes on. Each way has a different meaning behind it and that is what makes it so unique to each and every one of us. No one person will receive the same synchronistic signs the same way as another. It’s all about us and our special connection to universal energy.

Where it comes to where I am on my path at any moment, whether it be in my personal life, work life, or spiritual life, I tend to see numbers that give me validation that I am going in the right direction. Whenever I see certain numbers that mean something to me, like 111, 333, 1234, I will stop for a moment and take everything in that is going on around me. I will make sure that I am in the present moment and am aware of all the energy that is in my space. I will then look up what the specific numbers mean in terms of Angel numbers. For me, numbers are a way for my Angels and Guides to communicate with me. They send me love, support, and guidance in this way and I am always so grateful when I feel them around me.

I also tend to connect with nature and animals very much. Whenever I am outside it never fails that I will receive some kind of a synchronistic message or sign when I am in the energy of nature. Birds are a sure message for me as I have so many different families of birds who live right in my backyard. I never noticed them before I really started to be aware of my surroundings and all the energy there is. It’s not just birds though…butterflies, dragonflies, cats, dogs,  and the list goes on! I have different meanings for different animals that have come to realization over the years. When it comes to synchronicity I usually don’t pay too much attention until I have seen something two to three times. Don’t get me wrong, I am a true believer in universal energy speaking to us but I also know that not every single thing is a sign for me to get a message from. That’s why I know that when I see something two to three times that it is time for me to listen up and pay attention!

Have you ever been going through something in your life and you hear a specific song that gives you comfort, or strength, or just a tinge of nostalgia that helps you get through? Then you will hear the same song again in your car, the grocery store, on a commercial. That is the universe giving you a synchronistic message or push that all will be well, that you are taken care of and watched over. Embrace those moments. Don’t doubt them or push them away as your imagination. It is real!

We are all made up of energy. Everything is made up of energy. The chair you are sitting on right now is made of energy. Wouldn’t it only give you reason to believe that all of this energy is connected? It is connected to not only ourselves but to every living creature or inanimate thing. We are all connected, the universe is one big chasm of energy and we are living right in the middle of it. This energy directs us individually every day to help us in the life path that we have chosen for ourselves. Essentially, we are sending ourselves these signs and synchronicities to let us know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, at this exact moment. So wake up! Pay attention! Take the time to be aware of all of the energy and messages that come across our paths. When you are awake enough to realize that we are all a part of the big picture, then it all makes sense and the synchronicities will just keep on coming. It’s a little bit of magic that we are lucky enough to see on a daily basis.

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