A Thanksgiving Full Moon

It is a week for being thankful and for being aware of what this Full Moon holds for us. As many of us know, the Full Moon holds a very amplifying energy for all of us. That is always pretty clear where it comes to a basic understanding of how the Full Moon affects us. This Full Moon in Gemini gets a bit more specific where it comes to what energy will be affecting us by the end of this week. As a lot of us are celebrating Thanksgiving this week as well, I feel it’s pretty important for us all to know what we are dealing with considering we will all be spending time with friends and family. Being aware is our best defense where it comes to dealing with all the energy that we will be in contact with over this weekend!

The Full Moon is known for encouraging our release of what no longer is serving us and holding us back from moving forward. It is also a time to reflect on our intentions that were set with the New Moon. The New Moon this month was VERY intense for many of us. It was a great time to start our manifestations for what we want to see develop or change in our lives for this upcoming year. As we have started the growth of these manifestations, now is the time to continue moving forward in what it is we are creating.

The Full Moon in November is called the Beaver Moon. This is the time of year where beavers are building their dams for use and protection in the Winter months. As there is a bright Full Moon, they work tirelessly day and night to accomplish their task at hand. Just like the beaver, we too will be thinking tirelessly about all that we want to do to keep our manifestations moving in the direction of the intentions we set. So as we are enveloped in this Full Moon, keep in mind that what is coming forth within you may be in direct relation to the energy we are feeling. Make sure that your self-talk and thought is positive during this time as well. During this Full Moon, you may start to question yourself and feel confusion where it concerns the direction you are taking. Do not react on this right away as this can be the effect of this Full Moon’s energy on you. If you find yourself feeling this way, take a step back and remind yourself to put these thoughts on hold until after the weekend.

Also, as this Full Moon is taking place during the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we will have to make sure that we keep ourselves in check where it comes to communication with family and friends. The Full Moon in Gemini is very much about our communication skills and how we deliver what is on our mind. I know that the stress of a holiday can add to how we feel and act when we may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the energy and opinions of the ones we love. Make sure to be aware of how you are reacting and responding to all those around you because it can be easy to just let our amplified feelings and emotions roll out no matter the consequences. In the end, I have a feeling that if we don’t keep ourselves in check throughout the holiday, we may soon regret anything we may have said or any way we may have reacted. I would like to add that incorporating some self-care throughout the holiday weekend is very important. Make sure you are doing a white light protection meditation so as to protect from picking up anyone else’s energy that may not be in alignment with your own. Carrying a crystal such as Black tourmaline can really help in protecting your energy as well.

So as we all are getting ready for this Full Moon in combination with the Thanksgiving Holiday, remember that we have to stay aware of our emotions and feelings. Make sure that you are not reacting off the cuff, and remember to take a step back to pause before making any decisions. As long as you do this I’m sure that you will move through this Moon phase and Holiday with flying colors! I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and send many blessings your way!

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