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I recommend this sweet lady. Her readings are very accurate and the information/guidance that she provides is excellent.

Angi P
April 25, 2018

Love my Light Shine Moon Spray

It works to raise energetic vibration. It’s now an essential part of my morning ritual. Dress then “spray, delay, walk away.” I love the fresh scent and the energetic ‘kick’ I get from it.

Mary Ann Vollbrecht
September 10, 2018

Love It To The Moon And Back!

I love, love, love the moon water I purchased at the 2018 Bliss Retreat!! I bought one of the special edition Moon Sprays and use it every evening to bring a sense of balance to the space. It smells divine, is calming and centering, and I absolutely LOOOOOVVVVEEEE it to the moon and back (and then some!!)!! ??

Megan Rounds
September 27, 2018

They arrived safe and sound!

Received my moon sprays (Chakra Aligning, Spirit and Sage Healing, Moon Set) and I love them all!!! When I ordered them Stephanie sent them out but when they arrived, something happened during shipping and an empty bag was delivered. I emailed Stephanie and she immediately apologized and sent them to me again. Thank you Stephanie for taking such good care of your client’s!! She even emailed me back when asking about which one should be used for what etc…
I can’t decide which one I am more drawn too at this time, but I am looking forward to getting one of each!
I would highly recommend! Namaste’

Michele Riggs
September 30, 2018

Stephanie is Amazing

Stephanie is amazing she is very compassionate and knowledgeable. The way she explains things is great she makes sure that you understand what she is teaching. The moon sprays that she has created are great they have a nice scent to them. I highly recommend getting a reading, taking a class and buying her sprays.

October 12, 2018

Online Reading via a live in Intuitive Sash

I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough. She recently gave me a reading during one of her Lives. To say I’m totally ‘blown away’ is an understatement. Together we solved a ‘conundrum’ that has ‘haunted’ for me as long as I can remember. Thank You Stephanie.

Adele Spence
October 14, 2018

The Healing Scents of Fall.

I love my Fall Havest Moon Spray! It has all the scents of the season and the power of the full moon. Such a wonderful spray to use as I work toward letting go of things that no longer serve me and move towards a positive future. Thank you Stephanie!

Melissa Ribaudo
October 22, 2018

reat advice and clarifying messages

Stephanie really tuned into my situation to provide some great advice and clarifying messages. She answered my questions in a very resonating way. The cards that she pulled were very relevant and well received as well. Thank you so much Stephanie!

Char B
March 28, 2019

One of a kind!

Stephanie is by far one of the most down to earth people I’ve met. I left our session feeling completely light as though I had gotten far more than I expected. Her intuitiveness and knowledge are awe inspiring. She is most definitely talented and gifted in her practice and does it with such ease. I am honoured to have had this session as I too am just beginning my journey. She is an inspiration and wonderful person to seek if you need guidance or feel a bit lost. I will definitely be coming back!

November 4, 2021



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January 16, 2022