Stephanie C Weinman Social Media

Stephanie C Weinman Social Media

At this point, we all know about the cons of social media but the pros will always outweigh them. Social media can be such a beautiful thing. It has made this huge planet considerable smaller by allowing people all around the world to interact with each other in seconds. Being able to open your smartphone or tablet and in a few clicks be able to communicate with family, friends or like minded people 10,000 miles away is such a gift that myself and many people like me are so grateful for. I am very active on social media. I have a facebook page called Spirit and Sage with Stephanie C Weinman. I also run a facebook group called Intuitive SASH. You can also find my videos on Youtube and I am becoming more active on Instagram as well.

Below you can find links to all of my social media platforms. Don’t forget to also sign up for SASH Newsletter in the sidebar of my website. 

Click Below To Check Out Stephanie On Social Media

Spirit & Sage Healing Facebook Page
Intuitive SASH Facebook Group
Intuitive SASH Youtube Page
Intuitive SASH Instagram Page








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