The Spirit of Winter Coziness

I know so many people who are so upset right now because Winter has reared its head pretty early this year. I guess I am one of those people who just feel differently where it comes to cold, snow, and hibernation in general. There is a definite art to appreciating all things Winter. Right now, for instance, I am snuggled up in my work/meditation room, with a hot cup of coffee, under a blanket. I am sitting here listening to the sounds of a crackling fire and a snowstorm in the background. As I am writing this I am feeling so safe and secure that it is as content as I could imagine being. To me, that is a true form of magic.

I have pretty much always lived in one of the coldest and snowiest parts of the U.S. and we tend to wear that like a badge of honor. There are so many ways to appreciate all the Seasons that we live through but it seems that Winter often gets the short end of the stick where it comes to appreciation. I find myself using the seasonal energy of Winter in so many ways to benefit myself, and my personal and spiritual growth. As every season changes, there is a new energy that comes with it. That is the basis of The Wheel Of the Year and as I have learned so much more about it, I have realized how connected we all are to every season.

Where it comes to Winter, the days are shorter and the nights are long. We are not out socializing as much as we are during the warmer months. We have an agenda which is usually very self-serving, and that is wonderful! We will go to work, make sure we have the food and drinks we need, and then head home for a warm night in. This is when you will do your best introspective work. This is when you get to really spend some quality time with your loved ones. This is when you will be tested in so many ways where it comes to your relationship with yourself, and your closest loved one(s) who may live with you. These are all things that are necessary to deal with in life.

While I am comfortable and cozy in my home listening to the wind and snow outside, I feel such a sense of gratefulness that can be beautifully overwhelming. How lucky are we to have electricity, heat, warm water, and immediate fire in order to sustain ourselves! The act of being grateful is an energy that we all need to feel during these Winter months. When we feed into that energy we are also producing an energy of abundance at the same time.

Now is the time to look back on all of your hard work and efforts over the past year. Now is when you can appreciate yourself and all that you have accomplished. Now is also when you can realize what it is that you would like to change for the next year. What is it that does not benefit your evolution and growth as a spiritual being at this point. When you figure that out, you can work on releasing that…let it go. Once you do that, you are creating more energetic space within yourself for all of the new opportunities and abundance that you will be manifesting in the coming months.

So as I sit here readying myself for my upcoming hibernation, I am so grateful for the fact that there is always something to learn about myself and my life. Not only can I go outside and enjoy the brisk cold air on my face that lets me know I’m alive, but I can look forward to all the comfort I have waiting for me inside as well. It may not always be an easy season to deal with, but there is always so much wisdom that comes from it. The key is allowing yourself to appreciate all that it has to offer.

Here’s to wishing you all a beneficial and beautiful Winter Season!

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