Opening Your Third Eye Class With Stephanie C Weinman

Opening Your Third Eye

Opening your third eye is something that can be a process that takes much more than just focusing on your third eye. When we get to the point where we are ready to open our awareness to everything around us, we should be focusing on the fundamentals of our abilities and how to work with and control them in a manner that is in alignment with our true purpose. Our third eye is only one of our seven major chakras (energy centers) in our body. In this class, we will work with all seven chakras in order to ensure the balance and energetic flow of each one. The balance and flow of each chakra is very important as when one is blocked or stagnant, it will affect the others from functioning properly. I will give you information on foods, herbs, essential oils, and crystals that work best with each of our seven chakras, as well as specific meditations to use for each one. I will also go over what exactly our third eye is and how it affects all of our “claire” senses, specific exercises we can do to help open our third eye, and specific divination tools that we can use to start working with our third eye. This will be a five day class over the period of three weekends. The first weekend of classes will be June 9th and 10th, the second will be June 16th and 17th, and the last class will be June 23rd. All classes will be available on replay for anyone who can not attend the Live classes.


"Opening Your 3rd Eye" Classes With Stephanie C Weinman
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