New Year, New Intentions, New Manifestations

Well, we did it. We made it through 2018. Many of us had a rough go of it last year. I know that I had some ups and downs for sure, and I know some of you did as well. The key is to live and learn. I feel that 2018 was a learning experience for many of us and we have to carry those lessons into 2019. With that being said, let me expand on how we can make sure that happens!

As we have celebrated and brought in the New Year we are now in the depths of Winter, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. We are actually still in the season of Yule. After we celebrate all of the holidays, Yule still continues as a period of rest for us. I know that doesn’t seem to be how many people incorporate the first month of a new year into their lives, but that’s what is supposed to happen! As so many of us state resolutions and intentions for the new year, many skip a very important part of that tradition…to rest. We need to enjoy this time as it is primed for us to hibernate, to be self-involved, and to be introspective. To be self-involved doesn’t always have to be a bad thing when it’s actually self-care. We all deserve time to use on self-reflection and taking stock of what we have learned and where we are headed.

I like to use this first month of every year to really bring out any shadow work that carried over from the year before. There will always be that stagnant energy that we haven’t been able to release or work through that we bring with us into any new year. Now is the time to face it head on so that we can process it, and let it go. I like to think of this as Seasonal work. Mother Nature literally gifts us this time and her resting energy to work on ourselves right now. I’m not saying that we should just wallow and be depressed or low energy, but we can take this time to dig deep and help ourselves figure out what we need to get rid of in order to move forward with our new intentions and manifestations.

While we are facing our shadow work and looking into what in our past does not serve us anymore, we should also be looking ahead. This time of year in collaboration with the first New Moon is all about setting ourselves up for what is to come in this next year. Every New Moon is chock full of intentional setting energy, but the first New Moon of the year is full of energy regarding our long term goals and dreams. Now is the time to visualize where you see yourself next year at this time. Feel the energy behind that intention and manifestation. When you do that you will be able to discern what it is that is holding you back and what you need to release. We don’t want to be holding onto anything that is not in alignment with our future goals and manifestations.

As we are heading towards February 1st which is the mid-point of Winter or in Pagan terms, Imbolc, we are supposed to be getting ready to plant the seeds of what we will be creating for the rest of this year. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity that nature provides us with to be able to stay inside, stay warm, and contemplate where we want our manifestational energy to be guided towards. When you are in tune with nature in every way possible we really are just doing what is natural within all of us.

As we are all coming to terms with what baggage we have carried into this new year with us, make sure that you give yourself some grace. This is not a race to see who accomplishes their goals and intentions first. This is about the long-term, and us growing and evolving into the people we want to be throughout the rest of our lives. Take the time YOU need to do that. Use the natural energy of the seasons, the moon, and Mother Nature to help propel you into the life you deserve and desire. When you can collaborate your energy with the innate and natural energy of Gaia, you will succeed!! Here is to an amazing and productive 2019!

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