May 2019 Full Moon/ Flower Moon/ Blue Moon

It’s that time…time for a super energetic and powerfully meaningful Full Moon! The month of May is already chock full of all kinds of abundance and energy and when you add in a Full Moon to boot, it’s a perfect storm for some magical workings! Not only is this Full Moon ripe with power, but it is also a Blue Moon which is rare for us to experience.

The energy of the May’s Full Moon is all about abundance and feeling the life force flowing through us as fertility and growth reign. The Flower Moon got its name as we are directly in the height of Spring. Flowers, trees, and plants should be in full bloom (depending on where you live of course). The name Flower Moon stems from the Native American culture as they did not use calendars to determine time and dates. They used the Moon cycles to track what time of year it was. The Flower Moon can also be called the Mother’s Moon and the Milk Moon as this is the season where animals and most wildlife are bringing life to this Earth and nourishing their young with their milk.

You may be wondering why this Flower Moon is also a Blue Moon as it is not the second Full Moon of this month which is the most commonly known definition for a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon may also constitute the fourth Full Moon in any particular Season. This Flower Moon is the fourth Full Moon for our current Spring Season which generally only happens every two to three years. So with this rarity upon us, we are being graced with some amazing energy to work with.

This weekend will bring us some powerful energy where it comes to stepping into our true power and moving forward with it. We are being encouraged to accept who we are, where we have been, and what our true purpose is here in this lifetime. This energy is bringing our authentic selves to the forefront and now is the time to accept it and make it your own.

There is a collective drive right now with this energy that is showing people who they really are. It is giving all of us the opportunity to step into our Divine right and create a life of abundance in all areas. We are blooming into who it is we are meant to be and are letting the world see that with no apologies.

The energy of abundance that is coming through for us with this Flower Moon is very powerful because it is directly connected to our own personal energetic power. When you are aware of that and set your intention to draw down the power of this Flower Moon while using your own authentic and personal energy, the power of abundance in all forms will feel ethereal and grounded at the same time. It is very much correlated with As Above, So below and WE are the below! The natural human energy that we bring to this equation from this 3D existence we are living in is very palpable and we all need to realize this. Once you do, there is no telling where it can take us!

So as you enjoy this weekend in the middle of Spring there are many things you could be doing to work with this energy. Take some time to meditate on your true personal power. Really feel and connect with the Full Moon. Start planting your garden this weekend as it is in perfect alignment where it comes to the creation within all of us. Make your Moon Water to use throughout the next month and beyond, and don’t forget to charge up your crystals under this Flower Moon. There are so many ways to harness and use this energy and I promise you, you won’t want to miss out on it!

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