June New Moon in Gemini

Can you believe that we are already almost through the first half of this year?? It really does go so fast, and especially when we have all been putting so much work and effort into our lives for the first half of this year. This New Moon is carrying a lot of energy that many of us have been feeling over the past week. It is quite a transitional period for many of us and here I will explain what all this energy means for us.

Think back to everything that you have been working on to move forward in every aspect of your life this year. I am going to be presumptuous and assume that many of you have been dealing with quite a bit of shadow work within these endeavors whether you meant to or not. That is because this year has been leading us down the path of discovery by having us really tap into where we came from. We are also making sure that we are learning the lessons that we have needed to in order to keep ourselves evolving. This kind of work that we have been doing can be very emotional and draining, but at the same time very rewarding when we realize how much we have grown over time. We can thank ourselves for this as this is all part of the life plan that we have set for our lessons learned in this life.

The June New Moon is really a celebration of sorts where it comes to all the work we have accomplished this year. The energy this New Moon is carrying for us is all about really solidifying this work in a way that is going to help us bring our manifestations into fruition for the rest of the year. Over the past week, you may have been feeling quite emotional and reflective. The New Moon always has a tendency to bring us into ourselves and sets us up to be a bit more introspective than usual. This month though it may feel even bigger than that. We have really been digging deep to release anything that is not in alignment with where we are headed for the rest of this year. You may have even been feeling these emotions boiling over to the point of crying to release any of this stuck or stagnant energy that has been afflicting you. Don’t worry if you have been feeling EXTRA and are letting it flow. Crying is actually an amazing way to release. It allows you to let go of any of these emotions that are not in alignment with what it is you are in the process of creating and opens up new energetic space to allow bigger and better things to manifest. Allowing yourself to feel all of this over the past week or weeks even, is only setting you up to keep moving forward for the rest of this year.

I want you all to really take this New Moon to heart as it is allowing you to seal and put a stamp on all the amazing things you have done so far this year. You may even notice that you are feeling comfortable in your own skin right now. You may be communicating with ease in regards to your authentic self and are really standing in your own personal and Divine power. This New Moon is bringing this confidence forward as it is setting us up to keep moving forward for the rest of the year with all of our dreams and desires. Don’t be afraid to keep seeing your future right in front of you as you are in charge of seeing all of these dreams come to fruition during the last half of this year. Speak your truth and feel that power you hold within you…because you have worked for it and you deserve it.

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