January 2019 Full Wolf Moon

Here we are, getting ready for the first Full Moon of 2019. Are you all ready for what this occasion is going to bring for us? There is so much to know about any Full Moon. The energy, how it affects us, how it affects animals, plant life, the ocean, it goes on and on. Let me start by explaining a few things about the Full Moon in general and then I will expand on that as to how this Full Wolf Moon specifically will affect us.

I’m sure you have heard all the stories that come along with a Full Moon. A lot of them are folklore and have brought about stories of werewolves, births of babies rising during a Full Moon, and people going crazy (hence the term LUNAtic), just to name a few. The fact is, the Full Moon does affect us and our emotions. Any Full Moon is full of intense energy that will amplify our feelings and emotions. If you are feeling sad, anxious, or worried during a Full Moon those feelings will be heightened. The same goes if you are feeling joyful, excited, or hopeful. Any emotions you are holding onto during a Full Moon will be intensified. I always say not to go “poking any bears” during the time of a Full Moon. If you have any issues with a specific situation or person I would recommend waiting on confronting those issues until the Full Moon has passed. If you want to be diplomatic in a situation that may be aggravating you, the Full Moon is not the time to address that situation. The Full Moon is also a time for many of us when our intuition is heightened. You may have already realized this for yourself but if you haven’t, take stock during this Full Moon to see how you and your energy are affected. I think you will be surprised to see that you and your senses are more in tune during this time period.

This upcoming Full Moon is a very special one as it is the first of the year which is called the Full Wolf Moon. Many of the names each Full Moon acquires have come from the Native American culture in reference to wildlife and agriculture. The Wolf Moon received its name as wolves howl and wail a lot more in the month of January as this is their breeding time. Other names that have been given to the January Full Moon are The Moon after Yule, Cold Moon, Ice Moon, and Snow Moon. I’m sure you can all figure out where those names came from lol!

I do love how the name Wolf Moon really holds so much meaning where it comes to the energy that this Full Moon will hold for us. First, when I think of wolves I think of their intuitive nature. As they are running with a pack, the Alfa has to be very in tune with its surroundings in order to protect the family. That just goes to show how this Full Moon holds the energy of increased intuitiveness. You should be feeling so much more in tune to your surroundings and energy with this Full Moon. Take some time to tap into your innate intuition over this Full Moon and you will see and feel what I am talking about.

Also where it comes to wolves and the habits they acquire to survive, is their sense of observation where it comes to their surroundings and self. That is something that we all should be aware of. How do we observe? How do we react? All of this will promote a healthy sense of self and is something that we all have to evaluate from time to time. This also helps with strengthening our own intuition. The more we know about ourselves the stronger we become on so many levels.

There is also a strong sense of fighting to survive within wolves especially at this time of year. The conditions can be difficult to survive during the Winter months and its a fight for survival. The term “being thrown to the wolves” really resonates now doesn’t it? At this time of year, a lot of us will be feeling the same way. It’s a time of new beginnings for many of us and the lives that we are creating and manifesting may give us the feeling of sink or swim. Tap into the strength you have right now during this Full Wolf Moon and KNOW that you will survive and you will keep moving forward on your journey…no matter what that is.

I just want all of you to know that our lives are what we make of it and using the energetic forces that are gifted to us on a daily basis are there to help us move forward in our lives, not to hinder us. Use that energy to your advantage. Be thankful and grateful for all of it and you WILL SUCCEED. Happy Full Wolf Moon!

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