Fellowship as a Ritual

I recently went on an amazing journey to the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Co. for a spiritual retreat from an online group that I am a part of. I have been connected with these people for a few years now and it was so incredible for all of us to meet in person. Some of us had met last year for the same retreat, but there were many new people who attended this year…and oh how powerful it was! Being in a community of like-minded people is like a breath of fresh air. We are able to connect and talk about all the woo-woo experiences in our lives. It’s wonderful to have people who are on a similar path as you to be able to share edifying information with. To me, this is a form of a Fellowship ritual that we should all explore in our lives.

When I first arrived at the ranch the energy was palpable. People from all over the world were there to connect and share in all of their different modalities. We opened the retreat with a fireside ceremony where we were to state our intentions of what we were opening ourselves up to for the experience of the weekend. Mine was forward movement. There is a lot more to it than just those two words for me, but that is what it came down to. Everyone had their own intentions of what they were working on but it all seemed to connect in a way that created the space for us all to work as a collective and individually. The energy we shared was special and we all felt it within ourselves and each other.

Every morning we came together for breakfast before we would start our day of enlightened learning from amazing teachers. Starting off the day as a group like that, breaking bread together, set us up to connect with each other in a way that would anchor the lessons that we would learn throughout the day. We were all so excited to be able to connect on a different level than what we had been used to online. It was different, it was powerful, it felt to me to be a ritual. When you set your intention to obtain a new energy or lesson during a designated amount of time, you are creating the atmosphere for personal growth…and oh how I grew and evolved!

Our first class was taught by Lauren Antuofermo of soulfultransformations.com. She was teaching us about The Body’s Awareness of Source Within You. I connected with the information she was feeding us on so many levels. I made the connection of how our Earth Star Chakra and our Soul Star Chakra are connected and how they both had a hand in our individual creation. My mind was blown, as was everyone else’s there.

Our second class was Shamanic Pod Journeying with the always cosmic Justine Uselding of justineuselding.com. That experience was done as an individual and group journey. She taught us how we could journey on our own to obtain much-needed information for our personal growth, and how as a collective we could do the same but in a quicker time frame. Many of us had experiences that we will take with us for a long time to come. The drumming that she provided us in real time was a beautiful conduit for Spirit to come through in many forms.

The next class we attended was taught by the Chakra Diva, Amber Poole of thechakradiva.com. Amber taught us about Luminous Health Through Chakra Alignment. We learned so much as a group about each individual chakra and how we can incorporate chakra work into our daily lives. It’s amazing how much of our physical and mental health is directly in alignment with our whole chakra system! This is a tool that we all have within our reach and need to realize that we have control over our bodies on a physical and spiritual level.

We then had an amazing class from Tricia Carr of triciacarrcharm.com. Tricia wanted to bring awareness to us of The Composition of the Human Soul. How enlightening this was! It was amazing to see how all of these classes tied into one another without the teachers even planning it that way. Tricia talked to us about Source, Arch-Angel energy, our Higher-selves, our Over-souls, and so much more! It really opens you up to see how we are all connected back to Source energy. When I use the term Source or source energy, you can take that as what it means to you. It can mean God, any diety. or any energy that you personally resonate with. There are no judgments in this area and however you connect with the term is all that matters.

Last but definitely not least is Crystal Anne Compton from thelightworkerslab.com .  Crystal is the brains behind the Bliss Retreat through The Lightworkers Lab. She is the one who has brought us all together to convene and do our spiritual work. Without her, so many of us would have never even met. Crystal taught us so much through the whole experience and even gave healings and attunements to so many. I have already been seeing how other people who attended the retreat have been affected since then. Some of us were cracked wide open to the ability to be able to receive all of the love, healing, and energy that is now a part of our everyday lives.

I personally experienced quite an energetic shift during this amazing weekend. I felt and still feel a transition in the personal energy I hold, and am still processing it all! I now know that I can start to incorporate energetic healing into my work repertoire. Last year at this retreat, my senses opened up to give me confidence in my intuitive abilities. This year they are expanding even more and I am so excited to see what I will be creating within my life and work. When it comes down to it, a fellowship is such an amazing way to connect to yourself and others in regards to the work that we are all here to accomplish as Lightworkers. We can all use a community to lean on and to share experiences with. It is ritualistic in the most natural form as this has been going on for centuries. It’s up to us individually to make that connection with other people in order to share and spread all of the love, lessons, and light that we each hold within us. Don’t deny yourself of that…it is an incredibly needed practice.

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