Essential Oil Moon Sprays By S.A.S.H.

My Essential Oil Moon Sprays are the perfect mixture of Full or New Moon water blended with essential oils to make an energetic aligning spray. Every month during the Full and New Moon I make Moon Water so as to harness all of the awesome and beautiful energy of the Moon. That Moon energized water is then mixed with a blend of essential oils to create a perfect Essential Oil Moon Spray. These 2 oz spray bottles are perfect for use in your home, car, work or even to use as an aromatic boost. Each Moon Spray is created by me with specific energy imbued into every bottle made. I have been fascinated by the Moon for as long as I can remember and am a self-proclaimed Moon Goddess. I love to harness the energy of the Moon to benefit my life in all its various stages. I created this line of Moon Sprays so as to offer this Moon energy in collaboration with my energy to share with all of you. I have created various scents and energies that can help in many aspects of your life. I hope you enjoy my Moon Sprays as much as I enjoy creating them.


2021 Winter Moon Sprays Are Here!

Winter Sale $13.00 Thru Valentine’s Day!

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# Of Moon SpraysPrice
Each Individual Moon Spray$15.00
Fall Moon Sprays 4 Pack Bundle

Get All 4 Moon Sprays
Moon Set
Woo Woo
Spirit & Sage
Nature Vibes



          MoonSet Moon Spray Blend Of Essential Oils with Full Moon Water (Main Ingredient – Lemon/Cranberry)

This Moon Spray is a great additive to the start of your day. This fresh invigorating scent with hints of lemon will clear your mind and help you focus on the day ahead of you. It will set you up and give you a boost of energy to start your day off high vibe!

         “Woo Woo” Moon Energy SprayBlend Of Essential Oils with Full Moon Water (Main Ingredient – Rosemary)

This Moon Spray will help you clear your mind while reaching higher vibration levels to connect with Spirit on an intuitive level. This earthy and woody scent is perfect as it helps to clear your mind and be present. The Moon water in this spray will enhance any spiritual work you are doing while using it. 

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          Spirit & Sage Healing Moon SprayBlend Of Essential Oils with New Moon Water (Main Ingredient – Frankincense)

This Moon Spray is designed to keep you grounded and protected while helping you connect to the higher realm of Spirit. It has a beautiful earthy scent with a hint of citrus that will take you over the Moon.


          Nature Vibes Moon SprayBlend Of Essential Oils with Full Moon Water (Main Ingredient – Pine)

This Moon Spray is wonderful to use when you are incorporating some self-care into your life. It will encourage your self-love energy to flow while nurturing you. When you use it, it feels like a big hug straight from our beautiful Moon herself.

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