The Energy of this Week’s Winter Solstice and Full Moon

This is a big week for many of us. There are so many Holidays approaching combined with the New Year to come. Within the next 8 days, we have the Winter Solstice, the beginning of Yule, the Full Moon, and then Christmas! That is a lot of energy for us to navigate through. I’ll explain this energy and more to you….

First of all, I don’t think many people realize that the week leading up to Christmas is chock full of Holidays that many people celebrate. These Holidays are also the actual origins of what we know as the modern Christmas celebrations. Over 2000 years ago the Ancient festivals of Saturnalia and Yule were celebrated as the change of season took hold which we know as the Winter Solstice. Many of the traditions that we partake in during Christmas started through these Pagan festivals. Have you ever had a Yule log, a Christmas Tree, Mistletoe or Holly? If you have then you have been a part of the ancient celebrations of these Holidays. I could get into more on all of this with you now, but there is so much to share and I really want to start talking about this coming Winter Solstice in combination with the Full Moon!

The Winter Solstice is the transition of power and celebration of the Sun King and Oak King taking hold again. The day of the Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and come the next morning we will start seeing more light and sunshine in our lives. For centuries this transition has been celebrated all over the Northern Hemisphere. Within the Winter Solstice is the energy of us taking stock of what it is that we have accomplished throughout the past year. This is the time for us to evaluate where we have been and where we want to head in the upcoming year. We all should be reaching into ourselves in quiet contemplation to understand the lessons we have learned over the past 12 months. We all go through so much on a yearly basis and the energy of the Winter Solstice encourages us to resonate on all of what has been and what is to come. Mother Nature literally works with us during this time in order for us to embrace the dark, which is not a negative thing. The dark we are embracing shows us what shadow work we need to be working through in order for us to move forward and evolve into the spiritual beings we are meant to be. Once we move through the dark and hard things in our life, the light comes into play. We can use all of the dark as lessons learned and things that we need to marinate on in our own lives. Once you do that the light seems so much brighter!

In collaboration with the Winter Solstice this year we will be experiencing a Full Moon as well! This is a pretty rare event as the last time these two natural events aligned was in 2010 and will not happen again until 2094! I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this most awesome occurrence. Most of us know that the Full Moon is all about releasing what no longer serves us or releasing things that have been holding us back. The Full Moon is full of so much energy and it can really intensify things for us…especially our emotions. This particular Full Moon in Cancer is the last Full Moon of 2018 and it is bringing forth some really wonderful things for us. Don’t be surprised to be feeling the excitement of the season and of things to come. As we are quietly contemplating what we have been through this year with the Winter Solstice, this Full Moon is encouraging us to look forward of what is to come. It is bringing forward the energy of opportunity, surprise, and excitement. As our Goddess Moon is transitioning through the Winter Solstice to give our Sun King more reign, we are feeling these effects in a way that will help us transition as well. Take the time to sit with all of this energy as it is helping us to move forward in our lives and to prepare ourselves for what is to come in our intentions and manifestations for the New Year.

There are so many ways to celebrate the events that will be taking place over the next week. I hope that all of you are able to really enjoy the upcoming Holidays and can put into perspective what all of this awesome energy we are being gifted is offering us, which is a fresh start to the New Year ahead of us. I wish you all the happiest of Holidays and so much love from us here at Spirit and Sage Healing!

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