Divination Tools & Uses Class By Stephanie C Weinman

“Divination Tools and Uses” A Class By Stephanie C Weinman 

Saturday, October 13th 2018

 Are you interested in divination tools and their uses? Want to know how to get started? If you answered YES, this is the class for you! I will go through 8-10 divination tools, the history behind them and how to use them. You will complete this class with a solid foundation of knowledge that will allow you to connect with the tools that you are called to use. You will also learn how to channel your energy with the tools that resonate with you and discern what tool is best in certain situations.
This is a fun class and a great way to start your divination journey and realizing how your intuition connects with different modalities. Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey? If you are then you can sign up for this class right here for the discounted price of $20. The class will be held via Facebook Live in a closed group.  You will have access to the class on replay after the scheduled day and time if you can not attend at that time. Message me for more details.

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