As The Veil Is Thinning…

Here we are in the last few weeks of October. The energy is palpable, your intuition is on point, and you are in full Halloween mode. What does this all mean and how does it affect us in our daily life? I honestly can’t tell you as it will always be a very personal situation for all of us considering where we are in our lives at this time. I can tell you though that the more aware you are of the energy of this time, the better off you will be!

As some of you may know, the closer we get to October 31st the thinner “the veil” becomes. “The veil” being the energetic wall that separates us from the other side. This is something that has been known about and celebrated for Centuries. I am not kidding, for over 2,000 years people have been aware of this time of year for what it is…a time to honor our past loved ones and any other Spirits that come through to connect with us. With that being said, that is not the only thing this time of year opens for us. Yes, of course, we are all excited about our Halloween decorations, costumes, and parties on the horizon but we are also moving in upon Scorpio Season and that holds a whole nother aspect of the energy that we are dealing with. Not to mention the New and Full Moon energy this month. So with that said, let’s see what we can expect.

As I said, you may be feeling a bit more…connected than usual. That is normal for this time of year and it is awesome when you are aware of it and know how to use it to your benefit. That also entails being more energetically aware of your energy and how it is affecting you day to day. We are coming upon seasonal energy that has everything to do with life, death, and rebirth. As we are coming upon an actual change of season, we must be aware of what it is it means for us. Now is the time for us to evaluate everything we have been through and accomplished over this year. Now is the time for us to leave behind anything that does not benefit us anymore as we are getting ready to settle into the Winter months and start our hibernation to create new life within ourselves. You may not realize it, but animals are not the only ones that use this time of year to prepare for a long winter’s nap. We do as well, and the more aware of that you are, the more you can use this time to help you transition into what it is you want to grow in your life for the next year. The Wheel Of The Year is a very wonderful tool to use and so many of us are way too disconnected from that. We have to get back to the basics for us to understand who we are as a whole, a collective, as compassionate and loving human and spiritual beings.

We will be noticing the nights getting longer, the temperature becoming colder, the night air is becoming crisper. These are all signs that the Sun King is dying until he is reborn at the Winter Solstice. We must also realize that the Crone is still very much alive as she, The Goddess, is always prevalent in our lives to guide us where it comes to matters of what is best for us. She will always be there to make sure that even in the darkest times that we are achieving everything that we are meant to. We are always in control and are powerful in our own right and that is something we all should always hold onto.

As the New Moon is a highly energetic time, especially in October, remember to be setting your intentions to go along with everything you are releasing and starting to create for the new year with this seasonal energy. You may even be trying to help your loved ones in this aspect too, as the Scorpio energy will be pulling you to do so. That is ok, but just remember that you can not force anyone to work on themselves and move forward in their lives. Sometimes that is a part of letting go and releasing that can be extremely difficult. Just know that you can always try to help and assist others in this way but you can not do the work for them.

So as we are becoming swept up into the energy of all the Holidays coming upon us, remember to stay true to yourself. Remember that this time of year is very much needed for us to keep moving forward and evolving in our lives. We must let go to create space for the new. Be aware of your energy and everything you connect with because there is so much to learn and it is all at your fingertips…As The Veil Is Thinning.

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