10 Day Detox Class By Stephanie C Weinman

This class is a 10 day high vibe detox with Stephanie is offered exclusively through lightworkerslab.com. I am a moderator, teacher, and reader in The Lightworkers Lab and I will be offering this class that the founder Crystal Anne Comptom started years ago. It is with her intuitive insight and work that she developed this protocol.

I am facilitating Crystal Anne Compton’s 10 Day High Vibe Detox and I can’t wait to dive in! Not only is this Detox a wonderful way of purification for our physical body’s, it is also quite an amazing spiritual experience. Along the 10 days I will be going Live to talk with you all about what it is we are experiencing, and to lead us on a spiritual journey. I will also be incorporating meditations into the 10 day plan that will help us with the inner-work that will accompany this experience. Throughout the 10 days, I will talk about our chakra system and what foods to incorporate into the protocol to help unblock each individual chakra. I will work with you daily via Facebook Live, where I will talk to you about our focus for the day and offer emotional support. The next 10-Day High Vibration Detox is being offered at the end of July and I will keep you posted once registration opens up.

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