Stephanie C Weinman Psychic Intuitive

Hello Friends! I am so glad that you have come to join me here. I am a psychic intuitive, as well as an empath. I have been on my spiritual journey for over a decade now, and have come to fully embrace sharing my experiences and knowledge to help others in their own personal journey. I started Spirit and Sage Healing a few years ago to be able to reach more people as well as give others easier access to me  As a psychic intuitive, I am able to connect with others energy and receive intuitive information that will assist you in any questions you may have, or any inner work that you are confronting at any time.

I personally am an intuitive that is very connected to the divine and high vibration beings, as well as Mother Earth and all the magic that comes along with her. As I work with my higher-self, angels, and spirit guides….I also work with the natural energy of the earth that consists of everything from crystals, herbs, and elementals, to so much more. There are natural resources for healing in both of these amazing worlds and dimensions and I love exploring both. I have worked on my connection to both for years and am very excited to share all of the knowledge and experiences I have within me. That is where the name Spirit (the divine) and Sage (Mother Earth) Healing stems from. Along with my Spirit and Sage Healing page, I also have a group that I run called Intuitive S.A.S.H. and have many platforms on social media with which you can connect with me.  I offer readings and classes within these platforms as well as here on my website.  I hope that you join me on your awakening journey, and know that there is a big beautiful world and universe out there for all of us to explore. Welcome!