Past-Lives, Karma, and Soul Mates

There is so much information where it comes to past-lives, karma, and how it all ties together. Some of us hold beliefs to the fact that we have experienced much more than what we can see or feel in this lifetime. For me, it only makes sense as we have so much to learn. I know I would need more than this one lifetime in order to learn everything that will benefit me in my evolution as a spiritual being. There are so many layers where it comes to past-lives, karma, and even soul mates and soul families. If you are a believer as I am in all of these things, then you know there is a lot to learn from this belief system.

First of all, we all hold our own karma. Karma is a way for us to receive consequences for our actions…good and bad. It is the belief that what goes around, comes around. The thing is, most people seem to think that karma works right away or at least in your current lifetime. In all actuality karma usually doesn’t catch up to you until your next life. There are lessons we are supposed to learn in each life, and karma has something to do with the lessons that we are meant to learn in each lifetime. Karma is not all bad, it is actually a way for us to stay in touch with who we are and to carry certain lessons with us throughout all of our lives. Karma helps us to remember what lessons we have lived through already and how to use these lessons in a way to make what we go through in this current life easier. It shows us that we have the tools and resources within ourselves to be able to get through any hard or tough times in our lives. Karma is almost like a badge of honor we should wear to show that we have lived and learned before, and that cycle of learning will never be over.

Where it comes to our past-lives, karma does affect the lives we have led and will lead in the future. With each life we are born into, we agree to a life contract that we have created, reviewed, and are willing to experience. Through each of our lives we encounter opportunities to use the wisdom and lessons learned from previous lives. We are given chances to recall all of the knowledge and life lessons that our soul and higher-self have held onto. We are spiritual and cosmic beings and with these opportunities, we are creating karma for ourselves. Each past, current, or future life was and will be created by us and Source to help bring us to the ultimate answer and vibration of Love. We are connected to certain situations and to certain people through each lifetime. Certain situations we have dealt with in past-lives can be carried over into other lives if we still need to learn from them. We also may carry the energy of certain situations from past-lives as a way for us to use the lessons we have learned. It’s just a matter of us being able to gain that self-awareness and insight that we all need to progress and evolve in each lifetime.

As we can carry energy and lessons from life to life, we can also carry connections with certain people throughout each life as well. There are certain people in our lives that we have such a strong connection with that some of our lessons will be intertwined. Sometimes certain soul connections are lessons within themselves and it can be that energy that we carry with us through many lives. When I am referring to soul connection I don’t just mean soul mates, but soul families as well. People who are in our soul families are people who are connected to us from life to life. Some of them may be soul mates at one point or another, but when I refer to soul mates I am not always talking in the romantic sense. For instance, you can have more than one soul mate, and that soul mate may be your mom, dad, kids, friends, or anyone else in your soul family. I believe with each life we carry an energetic connection with certain people that transcends time and space. There are certain people in each life that will always show up in every life you live, just in a different capacity. These are people who will always be with you through each life to help teach you certain lessons and vice versa. This is a very strong energetic connection we have and will always have, and will always carry with us.

As you can see, our karma and soul families are very connected to our past, current, and future lives. Each life we live is designed in a way to introduce certain people and situations at specific points in order to help us evolve and grow as the spiritual beings we are. We just have to remember through our higher-selves how all of these connections were created and what they mean for us in each lifetime. That is for us to learn about and learn from in each lifetime we are blessed with. The most important thing to remember is that everything is always connected. Each lifetime we have lived has brought us to where we are today, at this exact moment. Take the time to do some self-reflection and to gain insight as to what you think are major life lessons for you in this life. When you are open enough to connect with that then you are doing exactly what you should be doing in divine timing. Life is a lesson that never ends….enjoy it and reap the benefits of what it is we have created!

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