5 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

There are so many things that happen to us as we awaken and open ourselves up to all that is possible in this amazing Universe. When we start to see the bigger picture of life and realize that our reality is much more than we ever thought, that means Your Third Eye is Opening. There are many different effects that your body and mind will go through as your third eye opens and as you start to awaken. You may start to feel more connected to all energy, you may start to see, hear, or feel things, you may even feel some physical discomforts that you can not explain. Here, I will go over the five major shifts you will feel while going through the awakening process…

  1. First off, when your third eye is starting to open you may feel that there is a bigger purpose for you. You may start to feel that you are seeing things from all perspectives and there is a sense of compassion and understanding for all living creatures on this earth. You will start to connect with other people, animals, and any other living energy. You will start to connect with others in a way that you have never experienced before. You will feel a stronger connection to nature and Gaia and may be feeling an urge to start spending more time outside as you are picking up on all the natural energy that is available to us. You may start to realize that your sixth sense and intuition are growing as you are starting to receive information about people, places, and things that you don’t understand yet. Don’t worry! This is all normal and just takes time and experience in finding out how you can control all that is going on within you.
  2. Your “Clairs” will start to open up for you. We all have many ways that we connect with our sixth sense. Clairvoyance (to see), Clairaudience (to hear), Clairsentience (to feel), Claircognizance (to know), Clairgustance (to taste), and Clairalience (to smell). As you are opening yourself up, these abilities will start to become more prominent for some. It can be confusing at first as it is common for people to think that they are “going crazy”, but in reality, you are not! You are just starting to connect with the bigger picture which includes your natural abilities that have been stifled for years.
  3. As your clairs start to open up you will start to feel some physical effects of this. Generally, you will start to feel tingling and heat in certain areas of your body where your chakras are opening and connecting. You may also feel a pressure around the crown of your head as your third eye and crown chakra opening will cause this. Some people may even get headaches at this point as well. Now I am not saying to ignore any physical symptoms you are feeling. Always follow up with a Doctor to make sure there are no other reasons or issues that may be causing these symptoms, but know that these physical symptoms can be caused by an awakening and the opening of your third eye.
  4. You may also start to notice a change in what your body can tolerate where it comes to certain foods you are used to eating, and even alcohol. As your body is awakening it is reaching a higher vibration level which can affect how your body processes certain foods. You may feel inclined to eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as more organic and raw foods. These foods help our physical bodies to align with how our spirit is growing and evolving. You will also want to make sure you are staying properly hydrated as water is a conduit for Spirit. If you are working towards growing your intuitive abilities, drinking plenty of water is very important.
  5. You will start to realize that working through certain emotions that you have been holding onto from your past is very important to you. As your third eye opens it allows for you to be more in tune with the energy that you hold within yourself. When you awaken, you are evolving and growing and in order for that to happen fully, we have to accept any and all shadow work that presents itself to us. As we accept these feelings and emotions, we are working through and releasing the stagnant energy that we have been holding onto for a lifetime. It may not be easy, but it is so important for us to explore the hard and negative feelings that we may have been holding onto. When we do that we are giving ourselves the opportunity to release these feelings which will create new energetic space within us to be filled with positivity and opportunities for us.

As you are going through this process in your own personal evolution, know that this is just the next step for you. It is a very eye-opening time (yes, pun intended lol) and as it may be a bit confusing and not always easy, it is so worth all the work that you are willing to contribute. You will want to keep in mind as well that as your third eye is opening, you will want to pay attention to all of your chakras as your third eye chakra is connected to all of our seven major chakras within our spiritual body. They are all connected and as you are awakening so are all of your chakras. In order to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit we have to allow for all of our chakras to work together in order to achieve the ultimate awakening we are striving for. We are not only human beings, but spiritual beings as well, and once we accept that fact, the Universe is our oyster. Hold on to whatever resonates with you at this time and know that this is a never-ending journey that we are all blessed with. Love and Light to all of you on this beautiful adventure!




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